Vital Teams

Get Team Fit

Our specialty is team performance.  Whether you are setting up a new team or need to improve the performance of your existing team, we have the tools and expertise to help you get team fit.


    • Everything you need to build an engaged and high performing team

      Our unique software is like a virtual coach for your team – giving you insights about your team’s health, practical guidance for performance improvement, and a tool that builds collaboration and engagement in your team.  Find out how Vital Teams can help you.

  • The Vital Teams Solution

    If you’re an organisation wanting to grow or transform itself, and your teams need practical insights, tools and solutions to turn that into a reality – Vital Teams is the solution for you.

    • We’ve got the features to enhance your team!

    • Vital Teams Survey

      Unlock the potential in your team with powerful insights about your team’s strengths and vulnerabilities.

    • Team Dashboard

      Easy to understand dashboard-style reports that give you the ability to track the impact of your improvement activities on your team’s effectiveness.

    • Team Virtual Coach

      Expert recommendations, along with team recommendations – to create a guided and empowering experience to plan team improvement.

    • Team Fitness Plan

      Drive improvement in your team with a plan that is designed to change practices and habits.

    • Fully Flexible

      Add or remove teams and users to your subscription – as needed.

    • Take an Enterprise View

      Senior Managers and Human Resources can view the health of all of their teams – at a glance. So you can provide the support where it is needed.

    • Volume based discounts

      Get increased value and real savings as more licences are purchased.

    • Complete online service

      Can be accessed by the team wherever they are.

    • If you’re interested in our expertise to improve your team: Start now