About Us

Vital Teams has a unique place in the world of organisation improvement and collaboration. Our blend of easy-to-use technology and expertise in Organisational Psychology empowers leaders and their teams to improve their productivity and engagement. Our well-researched solutions give teams the insights and guidance they need to make real improvements to how they work and collaborate.

    • What We Do

      Vital Teams is your “virtual coach for teams”.  Our tools are designed to give practical support to leaders, teams, facilitators and coaches who wish to uplift the performance, vitality and collaboration in teams. We have looked broadly to find the evidence, ideas and experience that we’ve poured into our solutions – drawing on research in neuroscience, behaviour change, project management and business improvement. Our tools take the mystery out of how to build a high performing team. Vital Teams has proven to be essential in helping our customers transform their teams into high performing and collaborative units.

      • Our Passion

        In a business world that is increasingly global, complex and interconnected, now more than ever businesses rely on teams to find solutions to complex problems quickly. For us at Vital Teams, effective collaboration matters more than ever.

      • Our Mission

        Our mission is to help organisations achieve greater productivity and employee engagement by blending easy-to-use technology with our High Performance Model to empower teams to monitor and improve their own collaboration.

    • How We Work

      Vital Teams works like a community. We work closely with customers, consultants and clients to create the tools that are most helpful for leaders and teams.  We listen to our customers’ feedback about what they value and we also facilitate the connection between our service partners and our customers. So when it comes to collaboration, we practice what we preach.

      • Frank Donohoe

        With 30 years’ experience in organisational psychology and business improvement consulting, Frank has worked closely with hundreds of teams spanning a wide range of industries and demographics. In that time, he has collected invaluable know-how into what makes successful teams. This has helped him develop and fine-tune workable and sustainable solutions that have transformed many teams into high-performing units.

      • Gavin Boller

        Gavin Boller brings to Vital Teams his over 30 years working in the private and public sectors in the Asia Pacific region including consulting to clients to deliver large-scale projects. In addition to bringing extensive project experience in technology enabled business transformations, he also has practical grass roots experience having worked with a variety of teams with different capabilities both in large corporations and client environments.

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