Our Solution

    • Monitor your team’s effectiveness, develop their collaboration habits, and track improvement actions – all in the one solution.

      • Vital Teams High Performance Model

        The Vital Teams High Performance Model is drawn from extensive business and behavioural research, as well as our combined 60 years’ experience in leading and consulting to a wide range of teams.  The Model gives you 7 clear Indicators of what it takes to create a high performing and fully engaged team.  It focuses only on the areas that really matter for measurable improvements in team productivity, efficiency and engagement. Find out how today.

      • Vital Teams Survey and Dashboards

        Use the Vital Teams survey to track overall team effectiveness, based on proven team success Indicators.  Team members can provide their honest assessment of the team and propose their own suggestions for improvement – all in an easy-to-manage anonymous survey.  Choose how frequently you wish to conduct your surveys.  Our easy-to-read dashboard style reports are available to the whole team, and allow you to track progress over time.

      • Virtual Coach

        Receive practical, actionable suggestions on how to improve team performance.  The Vital Teams Virtual Coach uses your survey results to give expert suggestions for improving team performance and engagement.

        The Virtual Coach is the next best thing to engaging a human coach or advisor. Leverage a reliable and convenient digital mentor to take your team’s performance and vitality to the next level.  Your whole team can access the Vital Teams Toolbox – our expert knowledge base of practical team improvement tools, skills and tips.  Team facilitators and coaches can also leverage the Toolbox to complement their advice and facilitation. BOOK A DEMONSTRATION.


      • Team Fitness Plan

        You have a team in place, but is it “fit” enough to perform at the level that it needs to?  Access the Virtual Coach suggestions, together with your own team’s recommendations to develop a focused Team Fitness Plan.  Drawing on proven methods to drive habit change and high performance, the Team Fitness Plan helps you set a culture of accountability and collaboration in your team.  Use the Plan to set and update your improvement Activities and Habits month by month.


      • Enterprise Reporting

        Take a fresh approach to transforming business performance and staff engagement, by using the Vital Teams Enterprise Reporting capability.  With this capability Senior Managers, HR Managers or consultants can view the Vital Teams Dashboards of all teams in a division or organisation – making it possible to provide targeted support and resources to those teams that need it most.

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