Why Vital Teams

      • The Value of Vital Teams

        Frank and Gavin, founders of Vital Teams, have over 60 years of combined experience in organisational psychology, business improvements and transformations, and have practical grass roots experience in working with a variety of teams.

        Vital Teams is a key enabler of collaboration and engagement in the workplace, delivering real business value to your business.

        A more collaborative work environment is likely to increase the quality of business solutions – with an estimated business benefit of $2,517 per employee.1

         Collaboration is likely to reduce inefficient work practices and increase productivity by an estimated $1,660 per employee.1

        An increase of 5% in employee engagement can lead to a 3% increase in revenues.2


        1.Deloitte Access Economics – The Collaborative Economy 2014
        2.Aon Hewitt – 2015 Trends in Global Employee Engagement: Making engagement happen

      •  Are you a Manager?

        Boost Productivity: The Vital Teams Virtual Coach provides effective tips and tools to enhance your team’s engagement and productivity. Keep tabs on team effectiveness with regular Vital Teams surveys.

        Reduce Inefficiencies: Our Dashboards help you and your team eliminate ineffective and frustrating practices.

        Build Cohesive Teams: Use the Team Fitness Plan to engage and motivate your team to build a productive and positive team culture.  Vital Teams is a powerful tool that enables honest and safe conversations within your team about the dynamics, processes and aspirations within the team.

        Vital Teams can be licenced for a single team if needed – see our pricing page to get started.

      • Are you a HR Manager, CEO, or Executive?

        Improve Employee Engagement and Retention:
        The Vital Teams’ High Performance Model includes critical drivers of staff engagement – giving you a powerful tool to run targeted staff engagement and performance improvement programs.  Empower teams to uplift their own engagement and performance with well research and practical, insights, tools and advice that they can apply directly – all with a cost- effective solution.

        Improve Business Performance: The Vital Teams research-backed solution is a powerful and cost-effective tool to help drive organisational transformation and business improvement – with practical and measurable tools.

        Vital Teams can be licenced for just a single team or for all of an enterprise with significant volume discounts – See our pricing page to get started.

      • Are you an Organisational Improvement Consultant?

        A subscription-style software-as-a-service: Vital Teams gives consultants and coaches an easy to administer solution to support your client work.  Manage your client assignments and give them access to powerful team improvement surveys and – all through an easy-to-manage portal.

        Global and Multi-language (coming soon!): Vital Teams can be accessed from any location – perfect for organisations that have a global reach or even virtual teams. Our multi-language capability makes it possible to engage teams across different languages and cultures – providing a common framework for smooth performance-related conversations and collaboration.

        Volume-based discounts:  Our Partners, and their clients, can purchase any number of licenses to suit their needs.  Volume discounts make this an attractive solution to large-scale change or organisational improvement assignments. See our pricing page to learn more and get started.

    • If you’re interested in our expertise to improve your team: Start now